We All Grieve Together

*originally posted to Facebook on 7/9/16

Two pictures today, if for no other reason than to share. The first was taken by accident while I was trying to get the camera ready to take a 'real' picture. This was in Santa Fe on the evening of our 10th wedding anniversary. Sure, the lighting is terrible, the color is off. It's not a great picture. But, it is one of my favorites because it seems to capture her in a way that most people never got to see. This is the deeply thoughtful, beautiful person I was blessed to see everyday for the past 15 years.

The second picture is our big girl, Betty. I post it to show that we are all empty these days. Miss Betts has been feeling lost most of this week. More often than not she is laying in Mel's spot on the bed, or cuddled close to me. Don't let anyone fool you that animals can't feel. My heart feels the same as Betty's, the same as yours.

A really good friend of mine told me this afternoon that it is ok to feel unmoored and lost. But he reminded me that there is a road and at least I am on it. As long as we keep driving, no matter how many wrong turns or how long, we will all get home again. It helped that he told me this while I was driving around Casa Grande literally lost (more on that some other time). Forget Thomas Wolfe, I'll take Matt Gottschling any day of the week.

I have a favor to ask all of you. If possible, if you have any memories or pictures of Melly that you would like to share with us, please be sure to tag her so I can find them to share with everyone. I am working on a slideshow for everyone to celebrate and will do my best to include everyone's offerings.

As a reminder, we will have our celebration services this Saturday, 7/16, at 11:00a at All Care at 1541 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

Peace and Love, 
George Piotrowski