Album of the Moment: R.E.M. - Monster

September 21, 2016:

Hi everyone, sorry for not being as 'prolific' as I was early on. Between work, two different grief groups, my trap & skeet league, and generally nice weather, I have been getting out of the house more, which has left less time to contribute as much to the page. 

I think about Melly continuously throughout the day, and a big part of that is music. There is so much that reminds me of her, and little by little the happy reminders breakthrough. This week's album is a great example of that. We typically would listen to R.E.M.'s Monster once or twice on every road trip we took together. It is a touchstone to those good times, and to the open road. 

This album always reminds me of the early fall. It came out in September of 1994, right as I started high school. Which would lead to the inevitable joke that Melissa was already a sophomore in college at that point. She robbed the cradle with me, and Monster was the soundtrack to the kidnapping!